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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Fair Finance or Finance Fair!!

The coming of age of rural finance industry with the introduction of BC network in as many or more as 1/3rd of the districts present in India within such a small period of time has changed the perception of stakeholders about the asset holding pattern of rural citizens. This new tool of delivery of finance not only changed the debt holding pattern, but also their asset holding pattern. Men and women now have access to fair financial services promoted by PSU banks. It somewhere tickles a bone when thought that dominance of men in such condition was merely a loss of opportunity of women to travel far to access those services.
The BC network mode of delivery promotes not only products of banks which have RBI sitting on their heads, but also all those who have a financial product where all classes of society can participate. It isn’t hard to imagine that there would be a long line of player in the market enthused about investing money in the “Country Side” now that mode is established and customers are just a BC away. Expecting fair finance in finance fair isn’t unfair after all!! 

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